Recently, three exhibitions under the title Shared Habitats were carried out by a team from the Chair of Media Environments at Bauhaus University, Weimar. Referring to the environment as a concept from artistic practices of the 1950s that emphasizes the tension between life and art, the team aimed to redesign everyday situations, objects, devices, and practices. Today, we are happy to share the publication, comprising the work of the last years at the Media Environments. Edited by Ursula Damm & Mindaugas Gapsevicius the Shared Habitats book is a cultural inquiry into living spaces and their inhabitants.

The interactions between artistic, technical, scientific, living, and nonliving things have inspired new artistic approaches. The contributors to this volume either relate to theoretical discourses raised by artworks, show how young artists today approach cultural issues, or develop situations of living together with other species. All the contributions to this publication by writers, artists, technologies, and other organisms invite the reader into new experiences and new imaginaries. The reader is also invited to rethink the role of art and the role of the artist within umwelts, milieus, and habitats.