On Human Relationships with their Environment

We are pleased to present our most comprehensive Shared-Habitats exhibition so far, as part of the Ars Electronica Festival 2019 at the University of Art and Design Linz. The exhibition investigates technology’s influence on sociocultural processes and encourages encounters between humans and other beings. The 16 digital, biological, and interactive pieces focus on the role of organisms within their environment, the effects humans have on their living spaces, interactions between human and non-human beings, and the relationships between humans and machines.


Ursula Damm, Karaoke Bar: Singing in the Language of Flies
Stephan Isermann, The Pig Simulator
Jan Georg Glöckner, Close Encounter
Theresa Schubert, Growing Geometries – Tattooing Mushrooms
Rico Graupner, Six Sidekicks for Free, Algorithm Zoo4 “Miške”
Sebastian Kaye, Interfacing for a Sixth Sense
Freya Xia Probst, Rhizomes
Mindaugas Gapševičius, Introduction to Posthuman Aesthetics, Self-Repair Lab
Christian Doeller, Luminograf #1
Julian Chollet, Humus, Humanity & Humility
Maria Degand, microplastic_hyperobject
Maike A. Effenberg, Thoughts on Day and Night
Michael Markert, Stereospacer: Nature Space
Homero Ruiz, The Poetic Design: From Mimesis to Catharsis
Maria Antonia Schmidt, TARDIGRADA – von mikrobiotischen Lebenskünstlern
Alexandra Toland, Probing the Planthroposcene: Excerpts from a Dis-service Society

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