I, Machine, and Energy Harvesting

Mindaugas Gapševičius, Wolfgang Spahn, and participants
2019 05 25-27

To register please send short motivation letters to mo[@]mo.lt till May 19.

Microprocessors implanted in a human, or prostheses mounted on a human might be driven by ultra low voltages gained from the human body. Ultra low voltages could also be used for charging devices like watches or phones. But how about using the gained voltages for leisure? Or creative processes?

The experiments invite to reconsider the properties of electricity, which are an essential ingredient of matter. While proposing the use of electricity harvested from human body, the experiments bring the user closer to conceptualizing the future, defined by merged living and non-living matter.
Participants will build devices powered by own bodies. The workshop will end up with a self reflective performance, enhanced by sound and visuals.

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