Growing Geometries – Tattooing Mushrooms

Theresa Schubert
2015-2018, Installation

The installation consists of living mushrooms, videos, photographs, and drawings. This artistic project explores the morphology of fungi and evolution of geometrical shapes on living and growing membranes. Schubert investigates how processes inscribed into biological organisms can be used to create a creative output.
Via a performative intervention geometrical shapes are tattooed onto cultivated fungus membranes. Ultimately, these shapes are rooted in the tradition of Bauhaus itself, with its school of simplicity and the basic geometrical forms. The lines embedded into these growing organisms became transformed by processes of growth. The fungus is, therefore, not only the artist’s canvas, but also an artist itself. Time-lapse images taken during the duration of a growth cycle form the basis for an animation, which shows the changing tattoos as white lines against a black background. By reducing it to the essence, poetic topographies of slowly changing forms develop.

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