Interfacing for a Sixth Sense

Sebastian Kaye
2019, Installation

The interface – in this project, a briefcase – is an attempt to bring the individual closer to a global consciousness (GCP), which we, by its very definition, are all an integral part of. The interface is portable, allowing the user to connect themselves to this net of consciousness whenever they feel the need. By grasping one’s hand over the briefcase handle, the interface watches for two conditions to come together. First, a change in the user’s heart rate (LED strip-lights displays the user’s pulse in real-time). Secondly, a significant spike in non-random behavior from the GCP network, indicating a synchronous moment in global consciousness.
Only when both of these conditions are detected does the meditation handbell ring, bringing the mind’s attention out of its inner jumble of mental impressions and into the present, which is the only place where a global consciousness could exist. This device mirrors a part of the tantric approach in Tibetan Buddhist meditation; by using body, speech, and mind, one’s totality is applied. Here, the body is reflected in the use of the user’s heart rate, the bell symbolizes speech, and the mind is united with itself through this interface.

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