The Pig Simulator

Stephan Isermann
2015-2018, VR game

The Pig Simulator takes place in virtual reality, but also in real space. Once inside the physical rig users are forced not only to embody the pig in the audiovisual virtual realm, but also to take a quadruped pose in real space. The goal is then to escape the slaughter in virtual reality – and, as in the real life of the real pig, this idea becomes futile. The user will live and die like a pig and experience the habitat of the animal as closely as possible through virtual embodiment, an artificial and at the same time cruel habitat designed by us for the human desire for mass consumption of meat. The goal of the pig simulator is not to educate or strive for higher values as much as it is to disappoint common expectations about gaming and to fight the dark irony of a just world of unequal life forms living in the shared habitat called Earth.

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