Art after 100 Years of Bauhaus

Ursula Damm, Birgit Bruggemeier

Responsible for our contemporary culture we feel the need for change: 100 years after the Bauhaus we are aware of the impact of our activities and technologies over the entire planet. Experiencing environmental disasters – the ecosphere’s backfiring – we have lost trust in our moral authority and ourselves as creators of a sustainable civilization.
As artists, our sensory faculties have been and are still today the most important point of reference. How can an artist make a relevant statement today?
We propose open, performative processes, restrain the use of preconceived knowledge in our experiments and stay “close to the performative world as found.”* We are tinkering with immediate feedback processes (establishing a chain of cause and effect that forms a circuit or loop) for the expansion of seeing, thinking, and acting.

*Pickering, A. (2017). Finding Out: Unknowability/Situated Knowledge, Frankfurt.