DIWO Experiments

Self-Repair Lab

4-6 May 2019
25-27 May 2019
15-17 June 2019
20-22 July 2019

The experiments invite visitors to think of symbiosis, interaction, electricity, genome, and other topics relevant to the self-repair theme. Beside the culturally loaded discourses, visitors of the experiments will explore art making techniques and experience scientific method, which is based on observation, analysis and new proposals.
Self-repair refers to the organism’s ability to identify and to fix own system. If organism’s DNA gets damaged, it attempts to fix itself. From an evolutionary perspective, Gaia hypothesis proposes organisms’ ability to affect the stability of global temperature or salinity of seawater. On a social level self-repair could refer to non-traditional cases to fix own systems. For example one of the better known self-surgeries under “real-life conditions” was performed by Leonid Rogozov during his expedition to the Antarctic, when he removed his own appendix.
The DIWO experiments are executed within the Self-Repair Lab, conceptualized by Mindaugas Gapševičius and developed in collaboration with artists, scientists, and the general public.